Mongalo-Winston Consulting, LLC

What I Do
I collaborate with residents,community organizations, public and private agencies, and design professionals to improve communities by bridging the gap between design, planning and public engagement.

I believe all people have the right and desire to live in healthy, safe, quality neighborhoods in order to reach their maximum potential, and we all have a responsibility to make that happen in every city.

About my practice:

Mongalo-Winston Consulting is rooted in the desire to make Pittsburgh, and all of the communities I work in, a better place to live for all. My practice evolved from an education in architecture and urban design,  into a multi-disciplinary practice focused on advancing equitable outcomes through meaningful conversations about design, planning, and development. 

About Me:

I strive to help clients develop a process relevant to their unique project and circumstance, and to implement it in a way that respects all of the parties involved. My work is focused at the intersection of design, development, implementation and policy. My services include urban design, planning, and community engagement, and project management. My goal is to achieve consensus through open communication and community dialogue, and to move from talk to action. 


Ivette Mongalo-Winston, AICP LEED-AP Certified: MBE/DBE/MBE (State of PA)

Ivette Mongalo-Winston, AICP LEED-AP
Certified: MBE/DBE/MBE (State of PA)


  • All-In-Cities Pittsburgh:
    Implementation of an Equitable Development Framework 
  • p4 Pittsburgh- Performance Measures Committee member
  • Real Estate Allies Leadership (REAL) Network-
    an initiative of Neighborhood Allies