Mongalo-Winston Consulting, LLC

Ivette Mongalo-Winston, AICP LEED-AP

Ivette Mongalo-Winston, AICP LEED-AP

Working with communities, public and private agencies, and design professionals to restore trust in the planning process and build a better future.

Ivette specializes in the interface between urban design and consensus driven community engagement. Her services include public outreach and facilitation, master planning, urban design, project management and coordination of public approvals. She collaborates with clients to develop a process relevant to the unique context of each project with the intent of achieving consensus through open communication and community dialogue. She specializes in complex, multi-faceted projects that require extensive community interface and a broad range of stakeholders.

She believes decision making in the planning process can be facilitated and expedited by clearly outlining a process at the onset of the project, engaging participants early, and maintaining transparent communication throughout the life of the project. She has over 12 years of experience managing urban design projects for public and private clients in a broad range of contexts throughout the country and Europe, and is committed to achieving success by building trust through an open, participatory process.

Certifications: DBE/MBE/WBE (State of PA)

Current Professional Initiatives:

  • Real Estate Allies Leadership (REAL) Network- an initiative of Neighborhood Allies
  • p4 Pittsburgh- Performance Measures Committee member