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Mon-Win Consulting

As a Principal at MonWin Consulting, I work to improve communities by collaborating with residents, community organizations, public and private agencies, and design professionals to bridge the gap between public engagement, planning, design and implementation. 

Every person – rich, poor, old, young, black, white, or brown—deserves to live a safe, healthy life. This will not be a reality until every person lives in a safe, healthy community. Through my 15 years of experience working to improve communities across the U.S and abroad, I have come to believe that though there is much to be done, if everyone strives for these outcomes they are achievable. MonWin is rooted in the desire to make the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, and every community that I have the privilege to work in, better, safer, healthier places to live for ALL.

Focus of my practice

What began as an urban design and architecture practice based on my education and professional credentials has evolved into a multi-disciplinary practice focused on advancing equitable outcomes through meaningful conversations about design, planning, and development. 

Every community, project, plan and process is different and requires a different approach, stakeholders, and outcomes but one thing remains the same— including every voice, especially those that are often the quietest, is vital. I strive to help each client develop an individualized process that suites their unique circumstances and needs, while respecting and including the voice of all parties.  

Focused at the intersection of design, development, implementation and policy, my services include urban design, planning, community engagement, and project management. My goal is to achieve consensus through open communication and dialogue, and to move beyond talk to action and implementation for the benefit of all members of the community.  


Ivette Mongalo-Winston, AICP LEED-AP  Certified: MBE/WBE/DBE (State of PA)

Ivette Mongalo-Winston, AICP LEED-AP
Certified: MBE/WBE/DBE (State of PA)


  • All-In-Cities Pittsburgh:
    Implementation of an Equitable Development Framework

  • NOMA Pittsburgh- passionate advocate for minorities in the field of architecture

  • p4 Pittsburgh- Performance Measures Committee member

  • Real Estate Allies Leadership (REAL) Network-
    an initiative of Neighborhood Allies